Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2021

Friday 4th November 2021

This year we decided to partner up with The Christmas Shoebox Appeal and donate shoeboxes of gifts to children around the world. The children have been very busy building very generous boxes over the last few weeks at home with their families. Today, the children dropped these boxes to Tullow Pharmacy and they will be sent off to children around the world, just in time for Christmas.

Thank you to all the children and families that donated a box.

Jersey Day 2021

Friday 8th October 2021

Today, we had a Jersey Day to raise money for GOAL.

GOAL is a charity that support people in vulnerable communities around the world. The children donated €2 and were able to wear a jersey or non-uniform clothing.

Retirement and End of Year Celebration

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

After 17 years, today, we officially marked the retirement of our wonderful secretary Ms Thackaberry. The children made cards and presented her with gifts at our End of Year Celebration. We are going to miss seeing her bubbly and friendly face each day and hope she will return to visit us next year.

Ms Thackaberry presented each of the children with their Graduation Certificates to mark the end of the year. We also received our Active School Flag today.

Sports Day 2021

Friday 18th June 2021

Today, we had our annual Sports Day. There were many events this year- Running Race, Relay Race, Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race, Backwards Race, Three-Legged Race, just to name a few. The children had great fun participating in the many races and everyone received a medal.

Junior Room

Middle Room

Senior Room

Active School’s Flag

Friday 19th June 2021

We have got some fantastic news! We have been officially awarded the Active School’s Flag. Many years of hard work by the pupils and staff has finally paid off!! A big thank you to Ms Ansell, who was the Active School’s Coordinator. She worked hard in planning fun activities, events and putting together the application form.