Book Fair 2023

Wednesday 19th April 2023

We are very excited to have a Book Fair on in school from Thursday 20th- Tuesday 25th April.

Children will be given the opportunity to browse the books and stationary available and to make purchases during the school day.

Parents are also invited to come in from 9.00-9.30, 1.30-2.00 and 2.30-3.00 each day, to have a look and purchase books that are available.

Each child will be given a €1.50 book token, which can be used against the price of any book in the book fair.

A Special Visitor

Wednesday 19th April 2023

Today, we had our first visit from our new bishop, Bishop Adrian Wilkinson. He went into each of the four classrooms to speak to the staff and children. He brought a very special staff to show the children.


Friday 10th March 2023

Today, we had a whole school assembly to mark Ms Hunter Garland’s first week as principal. Each of the classes presented something that they had been working on this month.

Junior and Senior Infants sung “The Wiseman and the Foolish man” and First and Second Class sung “Wake me Up” as Gaeilge. Third and Fourth Class said a poem “An Maith leat?” and sung “Ó Ró sé do Bheatha ‘bhaile” and Fifth and Sixth Class presented their project on An Inspirational Women.
We ended the assembly by telling Ms Hunter Garland all of the things that we are grateful for, that she does for us and then had a party! 😃

World Book Day 2023

Thursday 2nd March 2023

Today, some of the children dressed up as their favourite character from their favourite book. We also did some paired reading. 3rd and 4th class paired up with Junior and Senior Infants and 5th and 6th paired up with 1st and 2nd Class. The children enjoyed reading stories together.

Visual Carlow

Tuesday 28th February

Today, First Class to Sixth Class were invited to the Visual in Carlow to take part in Art and Drama workshops. For the Drama workshop, we looked at the backstage area and played some games on stage. We looked at the work of four artists and built a structure in the Art workshop.
Thank you to the Visual for inviting us and we look forward to returning for more fun activities.

Our January Highlights

Thursday 9th February 2023

Three Sixth Class pupils went to each of the classrooms and asked the children about their learning in January.

Junior and Senior Infants

We have enjoyed making numbers using the Dienes blocks. We loved making our Chinese New Year lanterns and all about penguins and robots in Science.

First and Second Class

We love doing projects and have made a rocket in Science and now we are making paper planets. We learned all about France in English and love doing Tag Rugby in P.E. with our coach, John.

Third and Fourth Class

We have been learning all about Space this month. In History, we studied the life and work of Neil Armstrong, in Geography and Science we learned about the planets and phases of the moon. We each completed a project on a planet. In Art, we used Clay to create aliens. We are also enjoying writing in the genre of Recount.

Fifth and Sixth Class

We have enjoyed learning about The Great Irish Famine this month in History. We also learned about famine around the world today and how organisations help out. We enjoyed reading ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’ in English and for homework. Canon Brian visits us each Friday morning and we are enjoying our conversations about History and the world. We are hoping to plan a trip together soon.

We celebrated Chinese New Year this month too. This year is the year of the Rabbit and we enjoyed finding out the animal for the year we were born.

An Acting Role made Official

Thursday 9th February 2023

This week we had some celebrations, as it was announced that Michelle Hunter Garland got the job of Principal of the school. Michelle has been Acting Principal for five years and did an amazing job leading the school. The children made cards for Michelle and enjoyed some of the cake! Congratulations to Michelle and we look forward to many more years, under her leadership.