First and Second Class

Activities completed by the children in 1st and 2nd Class with their teacher Mr Tobin.

1st and Second Class 2022

November 2022

The children have enjoyed handwriting and story writing. They have also enjoyed getting better at swimming and doing Science Experiments, such as ‘The Coke and Mentos Experiment’ . They love doing Art and using their amazing imaginations. By Oisín and Szymon 6th Class

Here are some pictures of the children doing an Experiment, showing how a hoover in reverse can keep balls up in the air.

Thursday 8th June 2022

Today, Ms Ansell and the Sixth Class organised stations for the other children in the school. We love stations and Sixth Class also love mentoring the younger children.

Friday 27th May 2022

The children did a project on birds with Ms Langrell over the month of May. They made factual booklets, drew pictures and made pom poms. We had great fun learning new facts about some species of birds.

Thursday 12th May 2022

Tuesday 21st December 2021

8th December 2021

Some festive artwork created so far this month.

8th October 2021

Artwork created by the Middle Room today.

5th October 2021

Third Class made cookies with Ms Langrell in English last week. They were learning all about Procedure Writing and followed a recipe to make them. They were delicious!!

22nd September 2021

First Class

Second Class

Third Class