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Garden Clean Up

24th May 2019

The children in the Senior Room have been very busy today! They painted the fence in the school garden. Do you like the colour that we chose? Zara and Ms Connolly drew some designs on the wall of the garden, which a group of children helped them to paint.

Well done to all the children involved. Ms Brownrigg is really proud of her class as they worked really hard and as a team!

Science Experiments in the Middle Room

20th May 2019

In Science we studied electricity and after doing some experiments with static electricity, we moved on to building circuits.

First we built a maze. Bee Bots were programmed in Maths lessons (shape and space / programming) and sent off into the maze. If they went wrong, we needed an alarm.

Then we designed switches to close the circuits that lost Bee Bots would set off. Some amazing imagination and creativity here in first, second and third : )

Vikings In Ireland

20th May 2019

This term in the Middle Room, we have been learning about the Vikings.

The Vikings lived in wooden longhouses, often built with wood cut in places far from home and shipped back to Scandinavia. Materials, animals and slaves were taken from Celtic Ireland to new settlements in Iceland and Greenland too.

We made models of Viking longhouses to picture this and their way of life better. We learned a lot about design and building as well!

‘Bees Needs’ Presentation

20th May 2019

The children in 3rd to 6th class went to the VISUAL in Carlow today, to conclude the ‘Bees Needs’ programme. We met children from other schools in the Carlow area, that took part in the five week programme. Two children from each school spoke about what they enjoyed doing and learned. Each child received a certificate and we all look forward to taking part in the programme again next year.
Well done to all the children involved!!

‘Eggcellent Experiments’

17th May 2019

The children in the Senior Room learned about Air Resistance last week in Science. Today, they made their own parachutes with a variety of materials. Each group needed to include a basket for the egg, which represented a person.

They dropped the parachutes from a height. Most of their parachutes brought the egg safely to the ground.


15th May 2019

The children in the Senior Room planted cress, sweet pea and tomato seeds in pots on Tuesday 2nd April 2019. Today, we decided to move the plants from the hall and to plant them outside near our ‘Bee Barn’.

‘Bee Barn’

15th May 2019

An artist, working with VISUAL Carlow has been working with the children in 3rd to 6th class over the last number of weeks. They have been learning about the importance of bees and things that we can all do to help them. The children have made bees using clay and created a collage about bees. They also helped in the design of a Bee Sanctuary called ‘Bee Barn’ which is now located at the front of the school.