Well’s House and Garden’s School Tour

We went on our school our tour to Well’s house and Gardens. The weather was beautiful. It was hot and sunny. It really made our day. We were greeted by Lady Frances who brought us to archery first. We had time to practise our shooting and aiming skills at target boards. Afterwards we went on an adventure into the woods to shoot arrows at animal targets. We really enjoyed this.

We then went on a trip back in time to the Victorian era. We were brought around Lady Frances’ house. We saw her shell room where she wrote her letters. She had 12 servants to help her around the house. We saw her dining room and her ladies room. The ladies room was she retired to in the evening. Her children had to make an appointment to see her because she was such a busy lady. It was really fun to travel back in time to the Victorian times but we would not like to be a child during that time.

We then had a lovely picnic outside enjoying the sunshine and we played in the playground for a while. Lady Frances then came back to join us and we played team games. We had a relay race; running with an egg and spoon then a sack race followed by skipping and then doing the limbo. It was so much fun. Ms. Bryan and Ms Hunter-Garland then brought us on a magical walk through the woods. We saw many fairy doors and hidden creatures in the wood. We found the wishing well and then we found this strange creature. He was really big and he had purple wart of his nose. Do you know who we found?

When we returned from our walk we went back to the playground until it was time to leave. We thoroughly enjoyed the day but we were exhausted coming home.  It was a fantastic school tour.