Update on Return to School

5th May 2020

Unfortunately it was announced last week, that we will be unable to return to school for the rest of this academic year, due to COVID-19. This is quite upsetting, as we will be missing out on our School Tour, Sport’s Day and all of the other fun activities associated with the final term in school. We are grateful for all of the fun and trips that we had this year, prior to the school closing. Next year, we will just have to make these events bigger and better in order to make up for them being missed this year!!

Even though we are not in our physical school building, we are still a school community, working hard through this uncertain time. Teaching and learning, which is at the heart of each and every school, is still happening and we couldn’t be prouder of how hard our pupils and their families are working from home.

The children are using a mixture of Google Classroom and SeeSaw to communicate with their teachers. They are also using EPIC and Splashlearn to read and play Maths games online. Each classroom are video chatting on a weekly basis with Google Meet, so that the children and teacher can see each other and catch up. It is a great resource which enables the children and teacher feel like a community again.

We look forward to finishing out this academic year in an unusual manor and returning to our school building for the next year- 2020- 2021.