Senior Room

Activities completed by the children in 4th to 6th Class

27th April 2020

We learned all about World War 1 before our school closed. The children created projects on the topic at home before the Easter Holidays. Here are some images of some of the projects. Well done to all of the children. They are working really hard from home.

6th March 2020

Today, we celebrated Engineering Week. We designed and made a Slingshot Rocket using various materials found in the classroom.

3rd March 2020

We have had a great day in EIR in Citywest, Dublin. We learned about the different jobs that people have in the company and also the services that EIR provides for us. Thank you to the staff of EIR in particular Paddy Halligan, for inviting us to their place of work and providing the children, and teachers with lots of pizza and other goodies!

18th February 2020

We planted our broad beans into the garden today. We also planted some other seeds in the flower beds in the garden. We look forward to seeing how they grow over the next few weeks.

17th February 2020

We have finished reading the novel ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’. This is a book that follows the journey of three children during The Great Irish Famine. We really enjoyed reading the novel and learned a lot about the lives of people during the famine.

Our Famine Houses are finally complete. Didn’t the children do a fantastic job?

14th February 2020

To mark Valentine’s Day, we painted pictures to show what we imagine when we think of love. We also used stencils to create the LOVE images.

We are studying Light in Science this month. We investigated how light can be reflected off a mirror and we can change the direction of it.

31st January 2020

We have been very busy studying Food and Farming in S.E.SE.. (History, Geography and Science) In History, we have been studying The Great Irish Famine. We are doing a digital project at the moment on what we have learned. In Geography we have learned about farming in Ireland and completed a project on the topic.

In Science, we have been learning about the things that plants need to grow. We conducted an experiment with cress seeds testing the criteria plants need for growth. We also planted some broad bean seeds, which are growing very well. We also investigated the different roots that plants have. We made models of some of the different types in class.

Ms Brownrigg has integrated S.E.S.E with Art this month and we are building Famine houses using recycled materials. We are still working hard on the Famine houses, so below is images of some of the work to date. Finished projects will be uploaded soon!!

In Physical Education, we have been doing Dance and Tag Rugby. We are really enjoying both. We also spent some of our free play time having leap frog, piggy back and wheelbarrow races.

Christmas Decorations 27th November 2019

History Projects 27th November 2019

St. Columba’s N.S is 200 years old this year. We researched the history of St. Columba’s N.S this month in History and completed a project for a competition. The children worked really hard on their projects. 5th and 6th Class made a booklet and 4th class made posters. The children learned about the Doyne family, improvements to the school buildings and previous teachers.

New Chromebooks 6th September 2019

We used our Golden Time today to go on the new Chromebooks that the Board of Management invested in.

Projects about Europe 7th June 2019

Thank you to all the parents that came in to see our projects and taste the food from different countries.

Carlow IT Visit 5th June 2019

Today, we went to Carlow IT with the Middle Room. In the morning, we did two activities. One activity was in the sports lab and the other in a hall. In the lab, we measured our speed sprinting, how high we can jump and how we can develop strength through squatting. In the hall, we did a circuit workout and then a relay race.

In the afternoon, we extracted DNA from a banana. We really enjoyed being a scientist and even got to wear a lab coat!

Geography Projects 4th June 2019

We worked in small groups and investigated a country in Europe. We created a poster to display what we learned and we made a building from the country. Didn’t they do a great job?

Ms Brownrigg is very impressed with all the hard work that the children have put into their projects and buildings!! 🙂

The projects are displayed in the hall and parents are invited to come and see them on Friday 7th June 2019 at 2 o’clock.

We will have food, which is associated with each country, available to taste on the day.

Fun at Break Time May 2019

We buried one of the boys in 6th Class in grass at break time! Can you spot him?

Garden Clean Up 24th May 2019

The children in the Senior Room have been very busy today! They painted the fence in the school garden. Do you like the colour that we chose? Zara and Ms Connolly drew some designs on the wall of the garden, which a group of children helped them to paint.

Well done to all the children involved. Ms Brownrigg is really proud of her class as they worked really hard and as a team!

Eggcellent Experiments’ 17th May 2019

The children learned about Air Resistance in Science last week. Today, they made their own parachutes using a variety of materials. Each group needed to include a basket, for the egg. The egg represented a person.

They dropped the parachutes from a height. Most of their parachutes brought the egg safely to the ground.

‘Bees Needs’ with VISUAL Carlow 15th May 2019

An artist, working with VISUAL Carlow has been working with the children in 3rd to 6th class over the last number of weeks. They have been learning about the importance of bees and things that we can all do to help them. The children have made bees using clay and created a collage about bees. They also helped in the design of a Bee Sanctuary called ‘Bee Barn’ which is now located at the front of the school.

Gardening 15th May 2019

The children in the Senior Room planted cress, sweet pea and tomato seeds in pots on Tuesday 2nd April 2019. Today, we decided to move the plants from the hall and to plant them outside near our ‘Bee Barn’.

Science Experiments 5th April 2019

The children in the Senior Room are learning about Forces in Science this term. The children made their own Levers and Pulleys in class. I think we may have some future Engineers!!