Senior Room

Activities completed by the children in 4th to 6th Class with their teacher, Ms Brownrigg

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Today we had our Graduation Party for Sixth Class. We had an ice-cream, lots of food and played some board games.

3rd June 2021

We had our School Trip to Altamount Gardens today!

31st May 2021

Today, we kicked off Active School’s Week!

17th May 2021

Today, we had our final cycling session with Cycle Ireland. We have been learning all about road safety and how to be safe while cycling our bikes on the road. We put our new skills to the test and went out onto the roads around Tullow with our two instructors. We had a great time!

Here we are, ready to go our onto the road!

6th May 2021

Today we went on a school trip to Rathwood. We went for a 5km walk, played some games, drew the geese and did a scavenger hunt. We had a great day enjoying the sunshine!

28th April 2021

In Art this month, we have been exploring clay. Here are some pictures of us making Monster Heads in our latest lesson!

25th March 2021

Our Chinese Dragons

18th March 2021

Green Milkshakes and Lá Glas

2nd December 2020

Our Christmas Stockings

30th November 2020

This month, we celebrated Science Week (9th-13th November 2020) by designing and constructing our own lighthouses. We investigated how electrical circuits work and then constructed our very own so that the lighthouse would work.

In History, we studied the Stone Age people and in Geography/ Science we learned all about Our Solar System. Here are some Art projects that we completed.

We began a reading challenge this month. The children have been given a list of various genre of books to read by the end of the year. Each day, we all spend twenty minutes reading and the children may also read when they finish their classwork. Some children are flying through the novels!

We are officially ready for the festive season to begin in the Senior Room. Our Advent Calendar is ready for tomorrow.

October 2020

In Art, we made our very own masks!

22nd September 2020

We are delighted to welcome lots of new students into our classroom. Along with eight Fourth Class students joining the Senior Room from the Middle Room, there are two new students in Fourth Class and two new students in Fifth Class.

We have moved into the hall this year, so that we can all be spaced out. A new TV arrived recently, which we all love. This makes teaching and learning in the Sports Hall a lot easier. We have settled in well and this space finally feels like a classroom!

At break time, we have been busy tidying the garden. The weeds have been pulled from the flower beds and new plants planted. The ground has been cleaned up and the space looks much better. We look forward to painting the flower beds and planting seeds in the coming months!