Middle Room

Activities completed by the children in 2nd and 3rd Class

31st January 2020

We are studying The Norman in History and Art. In History, we are learning about the lives of the Normans and in Art, designing a Norman castle and creating pottery with clay, to go into the castle. We have also started Tag Rugby this month, which we are really enjoying!

We have been playing Twister as Gaeilge, creating pictures in art using chalk and creating pottery for our Norman Houses.

27th November 2019

Our models of the school building and our Christmas Mugs.

Chicks 7th June 2019

Our chicks have grown so much!!

Carlow IT 5th June 2019

We went to Carlow IT today with the Senior Room.. In the morning, we did circuits in the hall and then went to the sports lab. In the lab, we measured our speed sprinting, how high we can jump and learned how to develop our strength through squatting.

In the afternoon, we extracted DNA from a banana. We really enjoyed wearing lab coats and being scientists!!

New Students in the Middle Room 29th May 2019

We have had an incubator with some eggs inside for the last few weeks. This morning, three chicks hatched from their eggs. There is one more on the way!!

Discovering the Past 20th May 2019

This term, in SESE, we were learning about the Vikings. The Vikings lived in wooden longhouses, often built with wood cut in places far from home and shipped back to Scandinavia. Materials, animals and slaves were taken from Celtic Ireland to new settlements in Iceland and Greenland too.

We made models of Viking longhouses to picture this and their way of life better. We learned a lot about design and building as well!

Electricity and Circuits 20th May 2019

In Science we studied electricity and after doing some experiments with static electricity, we moved on to building circuits.

First we built a maze. Bee Bots were programmed in Maths lessons (shape and space / programming) and sent off into the maze. If they went wrong, we needed an alarm.

Then we designed switches to close the circuits that lost Bee Bots would set off. Some amazing imagination and creativity here in first, second and third : )