Junior & Senior Infants

June 2018 – Teddy Bear Picnic

We had great fun at our ‘Teddy Bear Picnic’. We played games with our teddies and we enjoyed a tasty picnic.

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Aistear – The Building Site

We really enjoyed learning about building. We found out how to build a house during Aistear. We worked in groups to design, build and create houses. We dressed up as builders and architects. We created plans of a building and then we constructed the building using blocks and bricks. We made brick patterns and we played with tools in the sandpit. We learned lots of new vocabulary.

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Puppet Show

We enjoyed performing a puppet show for our class. It was lots of fun.

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May 2018 – Sunflowers

We planted sunflower seeds in pots. They are growing very tall. We water our sunflowers everyday and they are getting lots of sunlight in our classroom. Look how tall they have grown!

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 Outside Fun

We are having lots of fun in the sunshine.

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Take a look at some of our work. We have been busy creating lots of bright and colourful pictures. We have learned lots about travelling and the season of summer.

20180530_081938 20180530_081926 20180530_081918 20180523_153315

We wrote poems about summer. They are really good.


In Aistear, we had great fun working on the theme of ‘The Airport’. We worked in groups and enjoyed role-play. We created aeroplanes from junk art and we made a model of an airport. We also created passports for travelling and we had fun writing postcards to our friends and families.

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Our School Tour

We had a fantastic day at Castlecomer Discovery Park on our school tour. We enjoyed a picnic and we played together in the playground. We really enjoyed the ‘Woodland Walk’ and the ‘Water Ecology’ lesson. It was great fun.

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April 2018 – New life

We have been very busy this month learning all about animals and new life. We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and a frog. We created spring collages and we painted beautiful daffodils and decorated colourful snails.

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March 2018 

We have been learning all about the farm in Aistear this month. We created farm collages and models of a farmyard. We learned the names of lots of baby animals and farm machinery.

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We created beautiful cards for Mother’s Day.

20180309_140126 20180309_140123 20180309_140120

We also dressed up in green for St. Patrick’s Day and we learned all about the Easter story. We enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt with our friends in school.


February 2018 

We enjoyed learning about the hospital in Aistear. We had great fun dressing up in the role-play area. We brought our teddies to visit our hospital in the classroom.

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Christmas 2017

Santa came to visit our school. He was very kind. He brought us presents and we sang lots of Christmas songs. We had great fun at our Christmas party. We enjoyed hot food after a busy morning creating Christmas crafts.

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October 2017

We have had a busy month learning all about Hallowe’en. We came to school dressed up in costumes. We made pumpkins and we had lots of fun creating spooky pictures and playing games.

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We also painted beautiful Autumn trees. We had fun reading the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. It is one of our favourite stories.


We showed our lovely Noah’s Ark pictures during Assembly.

20180119_095721 20180119_095724

Back to school – 29th September, 2015.

We are delighted to be back to school. Our Junior and Senior Infants are enjoying our daily tabletop activities and Aistear. We are having lots of fun working in school.

Pirates – 11th May, 2015.

We worked very hard to make pirate hats today. There was a lot of listening and paper folding involved! Do you like our hats?


Farm Visit – 13th March, 2015.

We visited Mr. Caldbeck’s farm on the 13th March. It was lots of fun. We saw cows, bulls, hens, dogs and horses. Mr. Caldbeck showed us how dangerous a PTO shaft and a slurry pit are. We know to stay away from them!


Fancy Dress – 24th October, 2014.

We had a fancy dress day for Hallowe’en. We look fabulous!

Jack o Lantern – 14th October, 2014.

Today we decorated our classroom for Hallowe’en. We made some Jack o Lanterns and hung them up beside Frankie, our Hallowe’en monster. Frankie is very friendly and smiles at us when we do our work!

Tomorrow, we will carve a big pumpkin.

Our  First Hot Dog Day – 26th September, 2014.

Today, our Junior Infants had their first Hot Dog Day. They thought the Hot Dogs were yummy!

Our First Day at School – 28th August, 2014.

We are back at school after our summer holidays. We have eight new Junior Infants in our classroom. We like being back at school. We have a new reading corner. It is very comfortable.

Here are some photos of us eating our lunch and using the reading corner.

Our school tour – 30th May, 2014.

We went on our school tour to Rathwood. We travelled on the train to a lake where we fed the ducks and geese. We saw wild deer in the woods on the way to the train. After the train, we met a cowboy. He had lost lots of gold in the maze. We helped the cowboy to find his gold. We saw a beautiful bird called Martha. Martha flew over our heads. We did some falconry when we called Martha and she landed on our arms. We saw lots more birds in the falconry. We ate our lunch in the restaurant in Rathwood. It was yummy! We finished off our day with some time in the playground. There were lots of different things for us to play with.

We had a great day in Rathwood.

Hen and clutch of chickens visit our classroom – 28th May, 2014.

A hen and her clutch of chickens visited our classroom so we could learn how a hen minds her chickens. We were very interested to see how a hen sits on the chickens to keep them warm but does not squash them.


Our visit to Carlow Foods – 13th May, 2014.

Bertram and Celine Salter invited us to visit their poultry plant at Carlow Foods. We had a lovely day.

Bertram and Celine showed us around all of the chicken houses. We had to wear a hairnet and dip our boots in disinfectant to make sure the chickens didn’t get sick.We saw a house which was ready for new baby chickens and we saw the chickens at different ages in the different houses.

We helped Bertram to check that all of the chickens had food and water. They have special water taps and warm heaters for the chickens. We were allowed to pick up the chickens and pet them. We saw 6 hour old baby chickens and we were allowed to hold them. Bertram and Celine gave us a lovely lunch as a treat.

We had great fun at the chicken plant. We all learned lots of new things about chickens – even Teacher did!

Thank you very much to Bertram, Celine and everyone at Carlow Foods for such a warm welcome. Thank you to Olag and Kate, our Carlow Foods translators, who very kindly translated for some of our children. Thank you to Sarah and Daphne who helped with supervision.

Buddy and our incubator – 2nd May, 2014.

We had a visit from Buddy. Buddy is a new puppy and he belongs to one of our Senior Infant boys. Buddy was very friendly when he visited. We petted him.


We set seven eggs in our incubator. We hope the eggs will hatch into chickens.


Our Sow and Grow runner beans – 29th April, 2014.

Our runner beans have grown very tall. The rest of our plants are growing slowly.


Frozen Aistear – 28th April, 2014.

This fortnight, our Aistear theme is “Frozen”. We love the storyline and songs from the film Frozen. We are very enthusiastic about writing lots of sentences about Frozen. We are making puppets and Elsa’s ice castle. Here is a picture of Queen Elsa and Sven in the ice castle.


Easter Egg hunt – 11th April, 2014.

We had a lovely Easter Egg hunt at the front of our school to celebrate Easter. We found lots of eggs and chocolate rabbits. They were yummy!

Ducklings – 31st March, 2014.
We were very excited to welcome some duckling visitors to our classroom today. Tom Sykes brought some ducklings into school to show us. We held the ducklings very carefully. They had very small wings and webbed feet. We learned that ducklings hatch from duck eggs. Thanks to Tom for showing us the ducklings.

Mothers’ Day and Sow and Grow – 27th March, 2014.
We had a very busy day today. We made beautiful handprints for our mums for Mothers’ Day. The paintbrush tickled us when we painted our hands.
Then we planted beetroot and runner beans with thanks to Innocent Smoothies Sow and Grow Campaign. Innocent Smoothies donated sowing cups, compost and seeds to us. We can’t wait to see our beetroot and runner beans grow. The runner bean seeds looked very like the magic beans from Jack and the Beanstalk.
We also saw baby chicks hatching from eggs thanks to a live feed from St. James’ Church of England Primary School. This feed can be viewed here. Sometimes an advertisement can pop up on the screen so be careful to watch the feed with an adult who can turn it off if ads come on.

Farm Visit – 7th March, 2014.
We visited Mr. Caldbeck’s farm today. We saw lots of things at the farm. Mr. Caldbeck showed us his cattle. We saw Keith and Scott feed the cattle. The cattle ate silage, fodder beet and meal. It was all mixed up together. Mr. Caldbeck said it is very like when we mix our dinner up with gravy! The cattle enjoyed their food.
Next, we saw a baby calf. We were very quiet in case we scared the baby calf. Mr. Caldbeck let us pet the baby calf. The baby calf was two days old. He was very soft because his Mammy licks him every day. We had lots of fun bouncing in the straw which bedded the calf!
Mr. Caldbeck showed us the cows and bulls on slats. We saw them eat their food also. The bulls have rings in their noses instead of their ears. All of the cattle have tags in their ears. The tags help Mr. Caldbeck to tell the cattle apart. Keith showed us a horse and we petted her.
Mr. Caldbeck showed us how deep the slurry tank is by dipping a long stick into the tank. It is very deep. We decided that it is not safe to play near a slurry tank.
After the slurry tank, we saw corn growing in a field. We also saw the silage pit. Did you know that you can make silage in bales or in a pit? We saw both types of silage.
We held chickens and collected the eggs. We collected three eggs. We ate our lunch in Mr. and Mrs. Caldbeck’s house. It was a delicious lunch.
Thank you very much to Mr. and Mrs. Caldbeck for having us at their farm today. We enjoyed our visit very much.

Shrove Tuesday – 4th March, 2014.
We enjoyed Shrove Tuesday. We learned that Lent will begin tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. We made pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We learned that in some parts of the world, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated by a festival called Mardi Gras. We made Mardi Gras masks.

Signs of Spring #antearrach – 3rd March, 2014.
We are taking part in a Signs of Spring project on Twitter. We are using the hashtag #antearrach to help us organise our tweets. An tEarrach is Irish for Spring. You can follow us on Twitter @infantstullow . We went on a Signs of Spring Walk today to help us spot any signs of Spring in our school grounds. We saw lots of signs. We made a video of them all here.
Here is a photo of us on our walk.

Birdwatching with Mike – 19th February, 2014.

We are expert birdwatchers! Our visitor, Mike Glynn from the Heritage in Schools Scheme, taught us a lot about birds. We learned the names of some birds such as a rook, jackdaw, robin, blackbird, chaffinch, blue tit, coal tit and wood pigeon. We listened to some of the birds singing. Then we went outside to do some birdwatching. We observed the birds using binoculars and telescopes. It was lots of fun!

Pick it yourself Aistear – 19th February, 2014.

The Wexford iPads went back to Wexford Education Centre today so we had free choice Aistear. We made lots of interesting choices and played very kindly. We played lots of different games including Lego, building blocks, hexishapes, iPads, drawing and writing, reading and office.

iPads and the letter g – 7th February, 2014.

We are very lucky to have 20 new iPads on loan from Wexford Education Centre. We are using the iPads in our classroom to help with interactive reading, fine motor skills, letter formation, visual discrimination skills and strategy games.

Our letter of the week is g. We practised writing the letter g on our Smartpal boards. We love our Smartpals as we write with marker on them.

Here we are practising our skills on the iPads and Smartpals:

Cooking with Eleanor – 6th February, 2014.

Today we made Rice Krispie and marshmallow bars with Eleanor. The mixture was very sticky! We waited for the mixture to set before we ate our bars. We  were very patient.

Gung Hay Fat Choy – 31st January, 2014.

We celebrated Chinese New Year today with a feast. We ate all of our food with chopsticks. We learned how to say “Gung Hay Fat Choy”. Gung Hay Fat Choy means Happy New Year in Chinese. We sang a song called Gung Hay Fat Choy. You can find the song here. We made a flower garden in our window. It is a tradition that rooms are decorated with flowers in preparation for Chinese New Year.

We had lots of different types of food at our feast. We had tuna and prawn crackers because fish is a symbol of having plenty to eat. We had noodles because they are a symbol of long life. We had oranges and apples. Oranges are a symbol of good fortune. Red apples are eaten because red is the colour of good luck and happiness. We ate rice cakes, honey and chewy sweets to help us remember the Kitchen God tradition.  (Some Chinese families believe that the Kitchen God watches them during the year. He tells the Jade Emperor about each family’s good and bad deeds. Before he leaves to meet the Jade Emperor, the families leave out rice cakes and honey for the Kitchen God. They hope that the sweet, sticky food will put him in a good mood and might also stick his lips together so he cannot say anything bad. Then the Jade Emperor will bless the family with a year of happiness.)

We finished our Chinese New Year Feast with fortune cookies. Our feast was a lovely way to finish learning about Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Update – 28th January, 2014.

We are very busy decorating our classroom for Chinese New Year. We made paper lanterns and good luck dragons. We are very excited for our New Year Feast which will take place on Friday 31st January. We are going to eat lots of different types of traditional Chinese foods.

Fu (good luck) symbols – 20th January, 2014.

We are learning about Chinese New Year this fortnight. We made some fu symbols (“fu” is the Chinese symbol for good luck or happiness).  We coloured our fu symbols red for good luck and hung them up around our door to attract good luck and happiness to our classroom. The tradition of hanging fu symbols and lucky poems (Spring couplets) in China is very similar to hanging St. Bridget’s Crosses in Ireland.

Cooking with Eleanor – 16th January, 2014.

We made fruit rice cakes with Eleanor. We spread chocolate on the rice cakes and decorated them with bananas and oranges. They were delicious.

Fabulous creations at our Drawing and Writing Table – 15th January, 2014.

Some of the girls were very inventive at the Drawing and Writing Table during Aistear today. They designed and created a top hat and a Lego Man Teacher. Ms. Carpenter was very pleased with her look-a-like Lego Man.

Four and Seven – 13th January, 2014.

We have been very busy in school. Junior Infants learned all about the number four and Senior Infants learned all about the number seven. We made number books.

Here we are with our number books.

Chopsticks and Santa – 17th December, 2013.

We used chopsticks to help us develop our fine motor skills. It was very tricky to pick things up with chopsticks.

We also made some Santa Claus decorations. We used cotton wool and tissue paper to decorate our Santa Claus heads.

Christmas Excitement – 11th December, 2013.

We are very excited about Christmas. Our Christmas Concert is on tonight at 6.45pm in the hall. We are looking forward to it.


Even Boris is ready for Christmas following his make-over!



We drew some Nativity pictures.

Click here to view a video of our pictures.

Christmas Tree Art and Maths – 5th December, 2013.

We made Christmas Trees using triangles and rectangles. We cut them out and stuck them on red paper. Then we decorated them. We really enjoyed our Maths and Art!

Teacher made a video of our Christmas Trees. You can watch it by clicking on this link: http://animoto.com/play/0H88nG7cmT01BkvBFHz0Ng


Cooking with Eleanor – 5th December, 2013.

We made Christmas Trees using Rice Krispie buns with Eleanor. Eleanor made a cone from greaseproof paper and we filled the cone with Rice Krispie bun mixture. Then Eleanor put a bun case on top of the cone and turned it over to set. We sprinkled icing sugar onto them with a sieve. Our Christmas Trees had snow on them!

Here are some photos of us making them:

Advent Rings – 2nd December, 2013.

We learned about Advent. Yesterday was the first day of Advent and today is the second day of Advent. We have an Advent Ring in church. A candle is lit every Sunday before Christmas and then a white candle is lit on Christmas Day to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We coloured some Advent Rings. Some Advent Rings have four purple candles and some have three purple candles and one pink candle.

Here is a video of our work: http://animoto.com/play/K1joN1ff9uJTAJmofEFj6A

Hot Dog Day – 29th November, 2013.

We had Hot Dogs for lunch today. They were delicious! Look at us eating our Hot Dogs.

Maths and Aistear – 26th November, 2013.

Today we worked very hard on our Maths. Junior Infants learned all about the number two. We read the story of two, we found lots of sets of two and practised writing the numeral 2.
Senior Infants worked on their addition skills. We used the compare bears and butterfly addition sheets to find all the different ways in which they could make 5. We worked very collaboratively in groups.
During Aistear time, we played very kindly. We included others in our games. One group baked in the kitchen. Another group practised their sharing skills in the sandpit. Some of us played on the Smartpals to work on our letter formation and maths skills. More of us used our problem solving skills to help us play Draughts on the iPads.

Cooking with Eleanor – 21st November 2013.

Today we baked fifteens with Eleanor. They are called fifteens because you must use fifteen biscuits, fifteen marshmallows and fifteen cherries to make them.

Here are some photos of us making the fifteens.

Recipe for Fifteens:


15 Digestive Biscuits

15 Marshmallows

15 Cherries

Small tin of Condensed Milk

Desiccated Coconut



1. Crush biscuits in a sealed plastic bag.

2. Chop cherries and marshmallows.

3. Pour coconut into a small bowl.

4. Combine the biscuits, cherries, marshmallows and condensed milk in a clean bowl.

5. Roll the mixture into small ovals using your hands and then roll it in the coconut,

6. Leave in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

7. Store in an airtight container.


The Hare and the Bear – 20th November, 2013.

We watched a video called “the hare and the bear”. We talked about what a good friend does and how we can all be good friends. Then we drew a picture of the hare and the bear being good friends. Teacher turned our pictures into a video.

Click on this link to watch our video: http://animoto.com/play/dN2UCN9JprZXch9Vj8ntLA

Click on this link to watch ” the hare and the bear”: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XqWig2WARb0

Reading Time

Today we had some DEAR time. DEAR means Drop Everything And Read. We like DEAR time. We read the books and looked for sounds and words that we know. We read lots of words with our friends. Look at our photos.

Cooking with Eleanor – 7th November 2013
Today, we baked with Eleanor. We made Mars Bar Squares.


They were very interesting to bake because we only need to use a microwave, not an oven. We learned a lot while we were baking and used our literacy and numeracy skills to help weigh out the ingredients and give instructions. Best of all, we got to eat the Mars Bar Squares once they had set in the fridge. They were yummy!

We are looking forward to doing more cooking with Eleanor. Thank you Eleanor.

Here are some photos of us cooking with Eleanor.

Painting – 6th November, 2013.

Today, we painted in our classroom. We helped Teacher to set up the classroom and wore painting shirts to stop the paint getting on our clothes. Teacher took photos of us while we worked. We had lots of fun.


October 2013

We carved a Jack ‘O Lantern from a pumpkin.

This is our pumpkin:



We needed a lot of materials to carve the pumpkin. Here they are on the table:20131107-082205.jpg



Teacher cut the top off the pumpkin and we looked inside. There were lots of seeds.20131107-082213.jpg


We dried the seeds on some newspaper. We brought them home later in the week.20131107-082219.jpg


We cleaned out the pumpkin.20131107-082228.jpg


Teacher drew a face on the pumpkin. We told her what shapes to use!20131107-082235.jpg


Teacher carved the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin. We had to sit very still for safety. Only adults are allowed to use sharp knives.20131107-082243.jpg


We put the pumpkin’s hat back on. We are very pleased with our Jack ‘O Lantern.20131107-082251.jpg


Here are some Jack ‘O Lanterns which we made by ourselves.20131107-082259.jpg