January 2020

31st January 2020

We welcomed the children back on the 6th of January and it has been a very busy month ever since. We are working hard for the Active Schools Flag and the Green Schools Flag. For the Active Schools flag, each classroom is running to a different country, being active as much as possible throughout the school day and doing Tag Rugby and Dance in P.E. For the Green Schools Flag, the children are learning about Fair Trade. The children are also making projects using recycled materials.

In the Junior Room, the Junior Infants have started their second term in Primary School and are doing very well. They have learned lots of new sounds, numbers and are even writing!! The Junior Room have made their first trip to the library and the Junior Infants have become members.

The Junior Room have also had lots of fun art lessons and created some snowmen and penguins!

In the Middle Room, the children have been working very hard. They are studying The Normans in History and Art. In History, they are learning about the lives of the Normans, and in Art the children are designing a Norman castle and creating pottery with clay, to go into the castle. The children have also started Tag Rugby this month, which they are really enjoying!

The Middle Room have been playing Twister as Gaeilge, creating pictures in art using chalk and creating pottery for their Norman Houses.

The Senior Room children have been very busy studying Food and Farming in S.E.SE.. (History, Geography and Science)

In History, they have been studying The Great Irish Famine. They are doing a digital project at the moment on what they have learned.

In Geography they have learned about farming in Ireland and completed a project on the topic.

In Science, the children have been learning about the things that plants need to grow. They conducted an experiment with cress seeds testing the criteria plants need for growth. They also planted some broad bean seeds, which are growing very well. The children also investigated the different roots that plants have. They made models of some of the different types in class.

Ms Brownrigg has integrated S.E.S.E with Art this month and the children are building Famine houses using recycled materials. The children are still working hard on the Famine houses, so below is images of some of the work to date. Finished projects will be uploaded soon!!

In Physical Education, the children have been doing Dance and Tag Rugby. The children are really enjoying both. The children also spent some of their free play time having leap frog, piggy back and wheelbarrow races.

Two teams were entered into the Tullow Credit Union Table Quiz. The children had great fun on the night and one team even came 5th!! Well done to both teams!