Green Schools

Thursday, 19th June, 2014

Today was a very special day at St. Columba’s N.S. as we raised our fifth green flag. The pupils read prayers and spoke about some of the highlights of our work over the last few years on the theme of ‘Biodiversity.’ We were delighted to welcome Mr. Caldbeck to raise our green flag. Many thanks to Mr. Caldbeck for all his help and support over the years. It was a very proud day for us all. Thank you to the staff, pupils and Green Schools Committee on their wonderful achievement. Many thanks to the Board of Management and parents for their continued support. We look forward to beginning work on our sixth theme of ‘Global Citizenship.’

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Wednesday, 21st May, 2014

Today was a very special day for the Green Schools Committee. Representatives of the Committee attended a ceremony in Kilkenny to collect our fifth Green Flag under the theme of Biodiversity. It was a very proud day for our school. We are looking forward to raising our flag over the coming weeks. Many thanks to all the pupils and staff on their wonderful work over the past number of years.

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We are very proud of our green school.  We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our fifth green flag on the theme of Biodiversity. Many thanks to the wonderful and dedicated work of our Green School Committee. Thanks also to the staff and pupils on their continued hard work over the previous number of years. We will continue to promote and improve the biodiversity in our school. Biodiversity is defined as the variation of living organisms from all sources and the habitats of which they are part of. Our Green School Committee continue to develop and promote our work under the first four themes. These themes are ‘Litter & Waste,’ ‘Energy,’ ‘Water’ and ‘Travel’.



Our School Garden & Vegetable Plot

We are very proud of our school garden. The pupils and teachers have transformed the school garden into a bright, relaxing and creative area for the pupils to enjoy. The garden walls were painted by 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils in bright colours using the theme of biodiversity as inspiration. Over the past number of years, the pupils have planted a wide variety of bulbs. A vegetable plot has been recently added to our school garden. The pupils plant vegetable seeds and take responsibility for watering the vegetables. We look forward to watching the vegetables grow over the coming weeks. The pupils have also painted stones in bright colours and placed them around the garden path to brighten up the garden. Thank you to the staff and pupils on their continued hard work. The garden has become a favourite break time place to relax. The pupils are captivated by the biodiversity in our garden. All our hard work has fostered a love of nature in our school.

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Our Biodiversity Awareness Day

Today we celebrated biodiversity in our school. We visited nine different stations in the hall in groups. We had great fun working together and learning all about biodiversity. We built bird nests and discovered birds build nests with their beaks. We played games and enjoyed a variety of puzzles to learn all about nature. We also painted stones to decorate our school garden. In our groups we created projects on the creatures we might find in our school. We also made bird feeders and designed habitats out of recycled materials. We made a giant map of our school grounds and used collage to decorate it. We are going to record the various habitats and creatures that live in these habitats on our map. We also made butterfly mobiles. It was a fantastic day. Thank you to the green school committee for their wonderful work.

SAM_2275 SAM_2276 SAM_2280 SAM_2282 SAM_2284 SAM_2285 SAM_2286 SAM_2289 SAM_2288 SAM_2287 SAM_2290 SAM_2291 SAM_2292 SAM_2295 SAM_2296 SAM_2293 SAM_2297 SAM_2298 SAM_2299 SAM_2300 SAM_2301 SAM_2302 SAM_2311 SAM_2310We went on a nature walk this afternoon and filled in spotter sheets to identify the twigs, leaves, birds and flowers in our school. We collected leaves, twigs and bark rubbings. In our groups we also sketched some of the flowers and trees on our school grounds. We recorded the birds, habitats and creatures that are living on our school grounds.

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Our Minibeast Hotel

The green school committee decorated our new minibeast hotel for bugs and insects. It looks fantastic. We hope the bugs will enjoy their cosy beds of leaves, twigs and chippings upstairs in the hotel. The mini beast hotel was made from recycled materials. We are all very excited and looking forward to seeing who comes to visit.

SAM_2308 SAM_2306 SAM_2305

SAM_2336 SAM_2335

The pupils in the fourth, fifth and sixth class regularly operate litter collections to ensure that our school grounds stay clean and beautiful.

SAM_2337 SAM_2338The school hall is filled with some of our wonderful work on the theme of Biodiversity. The walls display the colourful work of all classes and display the pupils learning. Thank you to the Green Schools Committee on their wonderful news wall which is regularly updated with pictures, facts and news for pupils to enjoy.

SAM_2391 SAM_2390 SAM_2389 SAM_2388 SAM_2386 SAM_2383 SAM_2382 SAM_2381 SAM_2380 SAM_2378 SAM_2377 SAM_2376 SAM_2375 SAM_2374 SAM_2373 SAM_2372 SAM_2371 SAM_2370 SAM_2369 SAM_2368 SAM_2365 SAM_2367 SAM_2364 SAM_2362The pupils from infants up to third class made fat balls to feed the birds. We are going to hang them from the trees in our school garden. We have discovered lots of birds nesting on our school grounds. We have also identified the different species of birds that are regular visitors to our school. We discovered that house sparrows are nesting under the eaves of our school building. We have a live feed through a television in the infant classroom of the inside of a bird box. This was recently added to the school grounds. We are very excited and hope we will get an opportunity to see birds making a nest.


We have planted several hundred bulbs in our school garden over the last two years. It is wonderful to see them sprout and grow. We are delighted to see such a wide variety of beautiful flowers in bloom.

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