Barnardo – our school teddy

10th December, 2015.

When we got home from school, Barnardo and I went into the sitting room to make a jigsaw puzzle. There was 100 pieces in it. After that we watched a movie called The Flash on the TV. Then we played Mario Bros on my 3DS. It was really fun. We went upstairs to play with some lego. We planned to make a village so we got some lego books for ideas. When we were finished we went downstairs to play some games. After that we went up to my room, read some books and then went to bed. The End.

8th December, 2015. 


7th December, 2015. Barnardo’s first weekend away!

Barnardo is our new school teddy. He likes to travel to different events with pupils in our school. Any child may bring Barnardo on an adventure.

Here he is, shortly after he arrived in our school: