4th, 5th & 6th Class

Friday, 9th October, 2015

The pupils from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes attended the Volopa Irish Challenge Golf Tour Event in Mount Wolseley Hotel, Tullow. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed participating in a golf lesson. Many thanks to CGI Ireland for organising our golf lesson and thank you to Matthew Southgate and Ruaidhrí McGee for sharing their golfing experience with the pupils. It was an enjoyable afternoon. Take a look at us in action.

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Friday, 2nd October, 2015

We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Tom Sykes who kindly brought in chickens to show our classroom. We really enjoyed learning lots of interesting information. Thank you to Tom for his informative visit.


Wednesday, 24th June, 2015

We extend our best wishes to 6th Class as they move on to secondary school. It has been a pleasure working with them and sharing lots of memories. We would like to wish them happiness and success in all they do.


Tuesday, 23rd June, 2015

We participated in Hip Hop lessons as part of our Active Schools Week. It was great fun. We enjoyed the lesson. Many thanks to our instructor Caoimhe for teaching us.


Monday, 22nd June, 2015

We really enjoyed Sports Day. We participated in running, sack, jersey and egg and spoon races. We also enjoyed a morning of team station activities. Many thanks to all who helped out on the day. It was an enjoyable day.


Monday, 22nd June, 2015

We have been participating in a Maths pilot project called Green Maths. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on the lessons. Throughout the project, we have been busy designing house plans and drawing them to scale. We have used lots of our Maths skills to help us with our project. We measured the area and perimeter of our school and used this to guide us in our measurements. At the end of the project, we created a 3D model to scale of our creative plans. We look forward to continuing work on this project next year.


Friday, 19th June, 2015

Many thanks to Ms. Bryan for organising a fun dance session. We had great fun dancing together.


Wednesday, 17th June, 2015

As part of Active Schools Week, we participated in tennis lessons. Many thanks to Tullow Tennis Club for their great work coaching us. We really enjoyed the lesson.



Tuesday, 16th June, 2015

The pupils from 1st to 6th Classes visited Dunmore Caves and Kilkenny Activity Centre on their school tour. The pupils enjoyed their visit to Dunmore Caves and had a guided tour of the caves. It was really interesting. The pupils participated in Bubble Soccer, Splatball, Obstacles Course and Captain Jack’s Inflatables at the Activity Centre. It was great fun. We thoroughly enjoyed the outing.

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Friday, 6th February, 2015

We have undertaken work on the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. The Junior Entrepreneur Programme encourages pupils to embrace entrepreneurship. The pupils will use their creativity to come up with individual business ideas and together as a class they choose one idea to work on. The pupils will research their customers, work out their costs and decide on a price to charge for their product. The pupils will learn about marketing, design, production and sales. At the end of the programme, the pupils will organise a showcase day to display the results of their hard work. We have been very busy learning about entrepreneurship and we have been working together to come up with product ideas in groups. Many thanks to Les Codd for his interesting and informative visit to our class to share his experience of business. Many thanks to Jacqui McNabb, Trevor Heron and Ms. Carpenter who shared their expertise and guided us towards selecting a product during a Dragon’s Den style showcase. We are looking forward to learning more about entrepreneurship over the coming months. Well done to the pupils on their dedicated work on the project.


Friday, 24th October, 2014

This month we have been very busy learning about Co. Carlow. We have been examining materials in Science. We thoroughly enjoyed our outing to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin to see a performance of the musical ‘Shrek’. We have also completed a variety of work on the theme of Hallowe’en. All classes were learning the concepts of long multiplication and long division. We also began work on an exciting new Mathematics project called Maths Eyes. It has been an enjoyable month and we have learned lots.

SAM_3289 SAM_3291 SAM_3292SAM_3285

We enjoyed our fancy dress day. Take a look at us in our costumes. We also enjoyed a school dance as part of our Active Flag work.

SAM_3303 SAM_3301 SAM_3299

We have completed a range of creative Art work over the last month. We really enjoyed working with a wide range of materials. In recent weeks, we enjoyed working with clay to create a coil pot and a 3D model.

SAM_3232 SAM_3230 SAM_3229 SAM_3223  SAM_3201

We enjoyed working on the theme of Materials in Science. We learned that warm air rises and we made spirals to test this theory.

SAM_3239 SAM_3240 SAM_3243

We identified that materials can be categorised as solid, liquid or gas. We also examined a wide range of materials and grouped them according to their properties. We investigated if changing the shape of a material will impact on its strength. We completed an experiment to test if air carries weight and we learned that air fills any space.

SAM_3245 SAM_3246 SAM_3249 SAM_3250 SAM_3251 SAM_3248 SAM_3255 SAM_3253 SAM_3254 SAM_3252

Teacher demonstrated how air fills a space. What do you think will happen when teacher removes her hand from the cardboard?


The cardboard remains in place because the air fills up the space inside the cup.


We made slime in Science. The slime we created is  called a polymer. A polymer is a material that is difficult to categorise. It will fit any shape and it spreads out. A polymer is formed when certain materials are mixed together to form a chain. It was great fun. We are using our slime in Maths to test its elasticity.

SAM_3262 SAM_3263 SAM_3265 SAM_3266 SAM_3269 SAM_3270 SAM_3273 SAM_3274 SAM_3275 SAM_3281 SAM_3282 SAM_3283

We wrote prayers in R.E. and we created wall projects to illustrate our learning about Carlow. We really enjoyed making tourist brochures and comparing photographs of Tullow today with photographs taken in the 1800s.

SAM_3288 SAM_3237 SAM_3236

In Drama, we worked in groups to perform an advertisement for a product. It was great fun working together. In September, we learned about the human body and we made examples of working lungs. It was very interesting.

SAM_3218 SAM_3215 SAM_3213 SAM_3208 SAM_3211 SAM_3205 SAM_3224

Friday, 20th June, 2014

We enjoyed our End of Year Service in St. Columba’s Church. The pupils read very well and it was a lovely Service. We were very proud to raise our fifth Green Flag after the Service. We would like to send our best wishes to sixth class as they finish up at St. Columba’s. We will miss them. We would like to wish the pupils every success for the future.


Thursday, 12th June, 2014

Today we had great fun at an Athletics workshop. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Thank you to the instructor for an enjoyable afternoon.

SAM_3039 SAM_3037 SAM_3036 SAM_3034 SAM_3033 SAM_3032 SAM_3031 SAM_3030 SAM_3028 SAM_3027 SAM_3026 SAM_3024 SAM_3023

Tuesday, 10th June, 2014

Today we went on a field trip to Carlow. We visited the Browneshill Dolmen. We were amazed at the height and size of the dolmen. We learned that the capstone is the oldest in Europe and it weighs 150 tonnes. We also visited Oak Park and enjoyed our picnic. We also played in the playground. It was great fun. After lunch, we visited Carlow County Museum. It was fascinating. There are a wide variety of artifacts on display. We enjoyed the exhibits. We explored a variety of artifacts and tools dating back to the neolithic ages. We then visited Carlow Military Museum. We enjoyed seeing the army artifacts and uniforms. The exhibition is specifically based on the military history of Carlow. It was fascinating. Thank you to all the tour guides who made our visits so enjoyable. Many thanks to the adults who helped out on the trip. We thoroughly enjoyed the day out.

SAM_3012 SAM_3009 SAM_3007 SAM_3006 SAM_3005 SAM_3004 SAM_3003 SAM_3002 SAM_2999 SAM_2998 SAM_2997 SAM_2996 SAM_2995 SAM_2994 SAM_2993 SAM_2991 SAM_2990 SAM_2989 SAM_2988 SAM_2980 SAM_2977 SAM_3019 SAM_3018 SAM_3013 SAM_3014 SAM_3016 SAM_3017


Friday, 30th May, 2014

We have been very busy this week making 3D models of lighthouses. They look fantastic. We really enjoyed working on electricity in Science. We built circuits and added light bulbs to our lighthouses. We are very proud of our hard work. Take a look at some of our finished lighthouse models.

SAM_2967 SAM_2970


Tuesday, 27th May, 2014

Our sunflower seeds are growing really well. Take a look at how tall they have grown.


Friday, 23rd May, 2014

Today, a guest speaker visited our school for an energy workshop. It was really interesting. We identified the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy and discussed how we can conserve energy. The workshop taught us about the variety of ways to produce electricity. We had great fun making a circuit using potatoes, creating a human newton’s cradle and playing an energy interactive board game. Thank you to Una for the interesting workshop. It was really enjoyable.

SAM_2922 SAM_2925 SAM_2926 SAM_2930 SAM_2932 SAM_2935 SAM_2938 SAM_2950 SAM_2952 SAM_2953 SAM_2954 SAM_2956 SAM_2957

Wednesday, 14th May, 2014

Take a look at our sunflower seeds. They have started to grow already.


Friday, 9th May, 2014

Today we planted sunflower seeds. We are going to monitor their growth over the coming weeks. We are looking forward to planting them in our garden.


Over the last few weeks we have been very busy learning about electricity. We built circuits to power a light. We discovered how to make the bulb brighter. It was great fun. Our favourite experiment was adding a switch to our circuit. In groups we also built a circuit to power a small motor. It was really enjoyable. Take a look at us in action.

SAM_2723 SAM_2721 SAM_2719 SAM_2720 SAM_2718 SAM_2715 SAM_2713 SAM_2712 SAM_2710 SAM_2707 SAM_2706 SAM_2705 SAM_2704 SAM_2703 SAM_2702 SAM_2700 SAM_2699 SAM_2697 SAM_2695

Friday, 2nd May, 2014

This week we have been learning about capacity in Mathematics. We enjoyed our hands on capacity workshop in the sunshine. We measured and compared the capacity of a variety of everyday containers in groups. We enjoyed solving some capacity problems. SAM_2694 SAM_2689 SAM_2687 SAM_2685 SAM_2684 SAM_2682 SAM_2679

In Science, we have been experimenting with magnets. We explored which materials magnets are attracted to. We also found out why the earth is like a large magnet. We tested objects to see if magnets work through certain materials. It was a really interesting topic.

SAM_2677 SAM_2675 SAM_2674 SAM_2671 SAM_2669 SAM_2668 SAM_2666 SAM_2663 SAM_2665 SAM_2661 SAM_2660 SAM_2658 SAM_2657 SAM_2656


Friday, 11th April, 2014

We have been learning about Forces in Science. We really enjoyed working on the different experiments. They were great fun. We discovered that different surfaces have an impact on moving objects. We built bridges and towers. Take a look at us in action.

SAM_2573 SAM_2575 SAM_2578 SAM_2579 SAM_2580 SAM_2581 SAM_2586 SAM_2596 SAM_2598 SAM_2601 SAM_2602 SAM_2603 SAM_2606 SAM_2607

We have also been working very creatively on the Bishop’s Art Competition. The theme for this year is Dóchas which means bringing hope. The theme is linked to the Bishop’s Appeal which is the Church’s World Aid and Development Programme. The pupils created wonderful designs and used a wide variety of  materials to portray the theme. It was a great learning experience.

SAM_2609 SAM_2610 SAM_2611 SAM_2612 SAM_2614


Monday, 31st March, 2014

The pupils in fourth, fifth and sixth classes participated in a puppetry lesson based on the performance of ‘War Horse’ they attended on their recent school tour. The Tony award winning puppetry company ‘Handspring’ which is based in South Africa created the puppets for the theatrical performance of ‘War Horse’. The puppetry company offer workshops to schools based on the performance. It was a wonderful experience for the pupils. They studied the movement of horses and learned how the actors perform and control the puppets of the horses in the performance. The pupils learned how to use props as puppets and the importance of team work. In small groups the pupils showcased a performance of a horse moving and reacting at the end of the session. The performances were terrific with lots of sound effects, expression and movement. It was a terrific lesson. Thank you to Melanie for the wonderful experience.

SAM_2515 SAM_2519 SAM_2524 SAM_2516 SAM_2526 SAM_2527 SAM_2528 SAM_2535 SAM_2531 SAM_2530 SAM_2540 SAM_2541 SAM_2537 SAM_2543 SAM_2546 SAM_2547 SAM_2548 SAM_2550 SAM_2552 SAM_2553

Friday, 28th March, 2014

We had a fantastic day out on our School Tour. We visited the Natural History Museum in Dublin. We saw a wide variety of native Irish animals and creatures from around the world. It was really interesting and very educational. Our tour of the Book of Kells was fantastic. We have been learning about the Book of Kells in class and it was a great opportunity to see it on display in Trinity College. We also got to walk through the library. We had a picnic in the grounds of Trinity College. After lunch, we visited the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre to see a performance of War Horse. It was fantastic. We read the novel in class and really enjoyed it. A wonderful day was had by all. Thank you to the adults who helped out on the day.

SAM_2507 SAM_2502 SAM_2500 SAM_2496 SAM_2492 SAM_2489 SAM_2488 SAM_2483 SAM_2481 SAM_2472 SAM_2471 SAM_2473 SAM_2470 SAM_2469 SAM_2468 SAM_2467 SAM_2466 SAM_2457 SAM_2453 SAM_2455 SAM_2450 SAM_2448 SAM_2445 SAM_2438

Friday, 14th March, 2014

This week we were delighted to have three rugby cups visit our school. It was a fantastic experience. We got to hold the cups and teacher took photographs of us. Thank you to Larry Canavan of Tullow Rugby Club for organising the visit. We are looking forward to participating in the upcoming Rugby Blitz.

SAM_2270 SAM_2271 SAM_2272 The cherry blossom tree on our school grounds has started to bloom. We went out to sketch the tree in Art. We were delighted when a bird landed on the tree.

SAM_2248 SAM_2252

We also gave out prizes for our high visibility jacket designs. All the designs were very creative and teacher was very impressed with our ideas to keep us safe. Well done to all pupils in their thoughtful and creative designs.

SAM_2247This week we also photographed some of the creatures that we found living in the grounds of our school. We are trying to enhance the living conditions for the creatures in our school. We regularly feed the birds, fill the bird bath with water and keep our school tidy and litter free. Well done to the pupils for their hard work.


SAM_2332 SAM_2331 SAM_2329 SAM_2330 SAM_2327 SAM_2326 SAM_2261 SAM_2262 SAM_2260 SAM_2257 SAM_2255 SAM_2254 SAM_2256


Tuesday, 4th March, 2014

Today we made pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We recorded the recipe in Irish. It was great fun. We made the batter and teacher cooked the pancakes. They were delicious.

SAM_2186 SAM_2181 SAM_2176 SAM_2170 SAM_2174 SAM_2167 SAM_2165 SAM_2161 SAM_2159 SAM_2158 SAM_2231 SAM_2227 SAM_2229 SAM_2234

Friday, 28th February, 2014

This week we celebrated safety week in our school. We took some photographs of our learning. We undertook a traffic survey to determine which day of the week is the busiest on the roads. We learned lots about safety and we designed posters with safety messages. On Friday we also practiced a fire drill and we dressed up in safety clothing. We are all safety experts. We also went on a Maths trail. It was a practical and fun lesson. Take a look at us in action.

SAM_1499 SAM_1498 SAM_1500 SAM_1501 SAM_1502 SAM_1504 SAM_1505 SAM_1506 SAM_1507 SAM_1509 SAM_1510 SAM_1511 SAM_1512 SAM_1513 SAM_1514

Wednesday, 19th February, 2014

Mike Glynn visited our classroom to teach us about Irish birds today. It was a really enjoyable lesson. We listened to the sounds of various birds and learned to recognise their sounds. It was really interesting. Mike also brought in binoculars and telescopes and we went bird watching in the school grounds. We saw lots of birds. It was a great opportunity to identify the regular birds that we see around the school grounds. We took some photographs of our lesson.

SAM_2137 SAM_2135 SAM_2134 SAM_2131 SAM_2130 SAM_2129 SAM_2127 SAM_2126 SAM_2125 SAM_2122 SAM_2119 SAM_2118 SAM_2109 SAM_2108 SAM_2107 SAM_2106 SAM_2105 SAM_2103 SAM_2100 SAM_2099 SAM_2098 SAM_2097 SAM_2095 SAM_2094 SAM_2092 SAM_2091 SAM_2090 SAM_2089

Monday, 17th February, 2014

We have been learning to sew over the past few weeks. We have been practicing different stitches such as the straight, chevron, diamond and cross stitch. Our wonderful work is on display. We created lovely pictures with borders. We also enjoyed painting on hessian material. We sewed onto the hessian to create pictures. Our teacher was very impressed with our sewing skills.

SAM_2044 SAM_2042 SAM_2040 SAM_2039


We had a fun Mathematics lesson today. We played games in groups to practice our problem solving skills. It was an enjoyable lesson and a fun way to learn.

SAM_2037 SAM_2036 SAM_2035 SAM_2034 SAM_2033 SAM_2032 SAM_2031 SAM_2030

Friday, 14th February, 2014

Here are some photographs of our classroom. We have been very busy writing a summary of our favourite Bible stories. We have been researching a variety of countries for our projects. Learning about the solar system was great fun and we created wall projects about the planets in our solar system. Our word wall is full of exciting new words we have been learning. In Drama we performed group shadow plays. They were great fun and very creative. We have also been studying the weather and learning about barometers, clouds and much more. We are weather experts! We have also been learning about the theme ‘Sa Bhaile’ in Irish. We designed posters and wrote descriptions of our houses. We also wrote emotion poems in English. Our class novel ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo was a fantastic read. We thoroughly enjoyed the novel. We studied the characters from the novel in Drama and created a role on the wall. We are really looking forward to our school tour to see ‘War Horse’ in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in March. Take a look at our wonderful work on display.

SAM_1999 SAM_2000 SAM_2002 SAM_2003 SAM_2004 SAM_2005 SAM_2006 SAM_2009 SAM_2008 SAM_2007

Friday, 7th February, 2014

Eleanor visited our classroom this week for a cookery lesson. She taught us how to make scrambled egg on toast. It was delicious and we are looking forward to trying out the recipe. Thank you Eleanor.

SAM_1954 SAM_1955 SAM_1956 SAM_1957 SAM_1958 SAM_1961 SAM_1962

Friday, 31st January, 2014

We have been very busy in SESE this month. We made compasses in Geography using needles and magnets. We tested our homemade compasses and they worked really well. We also studied the weather and made wind vanes to test wind direction. We made the most of the windy weather recently when we tested our wind vanes.

SAM_2073 SAM_2071 SAM_2066 SAM_2065 SAM_2063 SAM_2060 SAM_2059 SAM_2027 SAM_2026 SAM_2025 SAM_2022 SAM_2017 SAM_2016 SAM_2015 SAM_2014 SAM_2013 SAM_2010 SAM_1993 SAM_1994 SAM_1992 SAM_1995 SAM_1990 SAM_1980 SAM_1977 SAM_1975 SAM_1974 SAM_1973 SAM_1972 SAM_1971 SAM_1970 SAM_1969

Friday, 10th January, 2014

Thank you to Stephen who visited our classroom today to teach us how to play chess. We had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. We are looking forward to our next lesson.

SAM_1919 SAM_1920 SAM_1921 SAM_1924 SAM_1923 SAM_1922


In Science, we have been learning about light. We created silhouette pictures and experimented with shadows and light.

SAM_1918 SAM_1917 SAM_1916 SAM_1913 SAM_1914 SAM_1915 SAM_1912 SAM_1911

Friday, 20th December, 2013

We have been very busy this month preparing for our school concert. We are very proud of our pantomime performance of ‘Cinderella & Rockerfella’. The performance showcased the wonderful talents we have. We made lots of props for the play and also painted a beautiful ballroom backdrop.

SAM_1818 SAM_1819 SAM_1820 SAM_1837

We really enjoyed watching a DVD of our performance.



We also had lots of fun decorating our classroom for Christmas.

SAM_1811 SAM_1815 SAM_1817

We have lots of Christmas themed displays in our classroom. We have learned to weave. Our stained glass pictures are very festive. We also made lots of Christmas decorations and created frosted branches.

SAM_1872 SAM_1871 SAM_1867 SAM_1863 SAM_1861 SAM_1859 SAM_1855 SAM_1853 SAM_1847 SAM_1846 SAM_1845 SAM_1839 20131129_172550 20131114_175925 20131114_175913 20131114_175905


This year we decided to make Christmas presents for each other. We each created a gift for another pupil in our classroom. We delivered our presents to each other and were all delighted with our gifts. They were very thoughtful.

SAM_1889 SAM_1887 SAM_1885 SAM_1878 SAM_1877 SAM_1890 SAM_1894 SAM_1893 SAM_1891 SAM_1897 SAM_1895

Thursday, 5th December, 2013

We really enjoyed baking with Eleanor today. We made Christmas trees and decorated them. They looked very festive and tasted delicious. Thank you Eleanor.

SAM_1772 SAM_1773 SAM_1777 SAM_1786 SAM_1780 SAM_1782 SAM_1798 SAM_1796 SAM_1771 SAM_1800

Friday, 29th November, 2013

We have been learning lots of new skills in GAA. Many thanks to our coaches Don, James and Stephen. Here we are in action:

SAM_1741 SAM_1739

This week we had great fun in Science. We made zoomers which took flight in our classroom. We also made sail boats and investigated wind energy.

SAM_1754 SAM_1768 SAM_1747 SAM_1753

Take a look at what we discovered when we mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda:

SAM_1752SAM_1756 SAM_1755SAM_1751SAM_1749SAM_1764


This week we have been practicing for our school concert. We have been working hard learning our lines and singing. We are looking forward to performing our play on Wednesday, 11th of December and to our Christmas outing to the Gaeity theatre on Friday, 13th of December.

Thursday, 7th November, 2013

We had great fun in PE today playing tag rugby. We scored lots of tries and demonstrated great team work.

20131107_105204 20131107_105212 20131107_105255 20131107_105214

A huge thank you to Eleanor who visited our classroom today and baked 15s with us. We had great fun and the 15s tasted delicious.

Wednesday, 6th November, 2013

We enjoyed a nature trail to identify the biodiversity and habitats on the school grounds. Take a look at the interesting creatures and autumnal leaves and berries we discovered.

SAM_0370 SAM_0368 SAM_0363 SAM_0362 SAM_0358 SAM_0356 SAM_0354 SAM_0352 SAM_0350 SAM_0349 SAM_0334 SAM_0336 SAM_0338 SAM_0340 SAM_0341 SAM_0333 SAM_0332 SAM_0330 SAM_0329 SAM_0327 SAM_0307 SAM_0308 SAM_0314 SAM_0316 SAM_0320


We have some new additions to our classroom. Say hello to Nemo, Hunky Dory, Nula and Uyo!



We made some pom poms and created spooky spiders for Halloween. We also had fun creating Halloween Irish stories and paintings. Take a look at our pumkin creations!

20131014_154450 20131018_155707 20131022_142121 20131022_142111 20131022_142049 20131022_142150 20131022_144110 20131024_170622


In SESE ( History, Geography & Science) we have been investigating flags of the world, experimenting with materials and researching schools in the past. We also created projects on County Carlow. We were fascinated by the local history.

20131014_153215  20131021_165621 20131021_165632 20131021_165627  20131021_165615

In Irish we have been talking about ourselves, learning verbs and investigating place names.

20131024_170611 20131014_153304 20131014_153252 20131014_153203


We have been very busy in Mathematics. We have been learning digital time and creating trend graphs. We are very proud of our clocks and graphs.


Take a look at some of our other recent work. We have been writing poems, creating story boards, painting in unusual ways and writing stories in Irish.

20131014_153203 20131014_153152 20131014_153127 20131014_154517 20131021_165601 20131018_155721