1st, 2nd & 3rd Class

September to December 2015 

We are delighted to have the Christmas holidays approaching fast. Only 10 more sleeps till Santa comes. Hopefully he will bring lots of nice presents this year, we’ve been working very hard this term. We have been learning about lots of new and exciting things this term. Mad Mike the Science popped in to us in November and he did lots of exciting science experiments with us. We never stopped laughing from the moment he came in. Big thank you to Mike for a brilliant workshop.

We had our Christmas concert last week which was brilliant. Thank you to our teachers and everyone who helped us prepare for the concert. We also sang and performed our own song we wrote, ‘Having Fun’. Alison our Music Generation teacher worked really hard with us to get it ready. We hope you liked it and enjoyed our performance.

We got our classroom over the summer holidays. It is lovely, bright and very colourful.

January 2015

We were delighted to welcome our Parents and Grandparents to come to visit our classroom. They came in to have a look at our Arctic display. We have been very busy learning about the arctic tundra. We learned some many interesting facts about their native animals, such as the Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, Arctic Seal, Polar Bear,  and Caribou. Most of these animals have white fur to camouflage in with their snowy surrounding. We learned all about the Arctic circle and the Inuits. The Inuits wear Parkas to keep themselves warm in the winter. We made an Arctic Habitat using a shoe box. We painted it and added rocks and animals to create an Arctic Tundra. We really enjoyed learning about the Arctic and creating our habitats. We would like to thank all the people who popped in to have a look at our projects.

November 2014 

I am delighted to welcome you all back to school after the Hallowe’en holidays. We are delighted to welcome Ms. Ansell who will be teaching our classes for the next couple of weeks.

Halloween Dress Up and games day, Friday 24th October 

It was fancy dress day in our school today both children and teachers dressed up the occasion. Ms. Bryan dressed up as a pirate with an eye patch. We played party games and it was lots of fun. We also had a school disco after lunch for active schools. This was lots of fun. Now it is time for the school mid-term, have a happy and safe mid-term.

Pen pal Letters arrived Tuesday 21st October

We have eagerly been waiting for the Postman to deliver a parcel for Ms. Bryan. The parcel finally arrived after 3 weeks. We finally got our letters from our pen pal. They are from Newcastle Upon-Tyme in the Northeast of England not too far away from Scotland. Their teacher sent us a post card and a lovely story book too. We read the story book and postcard. It was very interesting because we found out some facts about Newcastle. We had a  look at their school on google maps and their school website. Their school is massive. We look forward to writing back to our pen pals soon.

Science Monday 20th October

Today we carried out an interesting science experiment. Teacher gave us the instructions how to carry out the experiment but she wouldn’t tell us what we were making. We spent a lot of time questioning her. First we mixed coloured water and PVA glue together. We then added a glass of special stuff. We then mixed it all together and we made SLIME. It was amazing. We then tested it in different ways to see how bouncy/elastic it was and see how far it would stretch.

Maths Stations, Friday 3rd October 

Today in maths we played a variety of Maths games. We played bingo, hexi shapes, peg boards, tangrams, dice games. This was an enjoyable maths lesson because we got to learn and practice our maths skills with each other. We hope to be able to do this again soon.

Science/ Art 30th September 

Today in Science we carried out an experiment to find out how to mix colours. Teacher gave us 10cm circle divided in half. We then had to colour them two different colours. We then pierced a pencil through the middle of them and attached some sellotape to the bottom of it. We then had to spin it very fast on the table. The results were amazing. If we coloured the halves carefully and then spun it: they mixed together to create a new colour. We also painted pictures mixing colours in art too. We got to create our own masterpieces. We really enjoyed these classes this week.

Portrait Paintings 11 th September

We had great fun during our art lesson today. We painted portraits of ourselves but with a twist. We took a look at some artists paintings and their painting techniques. We discussed about Picasso portrait paintings and how he uses block colours to create his masterpieces. We used block colours to create our masterpieces using both crayons and paints.


New school year  2014/2015


Preparations are well underway for the start of school next week. I look forward to welcoming our new 1st Class and welcoming back familiar faces from 2nd and 3rd classes. I’m look forward to the new school year and I hope everyone had lovely summer holidays. I can’t wait to hear all the news from the summer. School will be opening on Thursday 28th August at 9.20 am.

Please make sure that all children’s belongings are clearly labeled. Book rental books will be distributed on Thursday.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Ms. Bryan.








Class photograph

This is our class photograph. We would like to thank Ms. Carpenter for taking it. Here we are.                          SAM_1476



Sumdog is a Maths website, where we can practice our Maths skills using fun games online. To log in you need to use your user name and password. Our teacher can setup competitions for us to play at home.  We look forward to playing sumdog at home. Follow the link to find the website, www.sumdog.com.

Bird Watching in School with Mike Glynn, Wednesday 19th February 

We had a special guest in school today, Mike Glynn who came in to talk to us about birds in Ireland. Mike showed us pictures of different birds and told us lots of interesting facts about birds at home in our gardens. When Mike showed us the different pictures he also played us sound recording of the birds singing. Birds only start to sing in the Spring time, so listen out in the mornings to see if you can hear them on your way to school. Mike brought in binoculars and telescopes for us to go bird watching in our garden. It gave us a great opportunity to go outside and identify regular birds that visit our school garden. We are all bird experts now and we really enjoyed having Mike in with us. Thank you Mike.

Learning with iPads – Monday 17th February 

Our school borrowed 20 iPads form Wexford Education Center for us to use in our school. We have them for a couple of weeks and we use them them to help us with our learning particularly  in Maths and English. We used different apps on the iPads for different topics in Maths like Eurocoin app for money and Mystery Math for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. The iPads are also great for doing research on different topics in English and S.E.S.E. Chicksionary is a great app for practicing our spelling skills. Here we are busy working away on the iPads. We really enjoyed having the iPads to use and they gave us lots opportunities to learn in different ways.

Texaco Art Competition Friday 14th February 

Our classes have been busy doing Art this week. We are creating pictures for the Texaco Art competition. We are allowed to design our own pictures for the Art competition. Lots of us had very hard to decisions to make because the choice was too much. We used all different types of mediums to create our pictures. Some of us used tissue paper to make a collage, others coloured our pictures while  others just drew a pencil drawing. We had lots of fun doing this. If you would like to find our further information about the Texaco Art Comepetioton please visit the www.texacochildrensart.com 

Science – Human Body, February 2014

During this month we learned lots about the human body and the different bones in the body. We discovered that an adult has less bones that an child because as a child grows their bones grow into each other and get stronger. We did lots of different activities during our Science lessons and we had a quiz at the end of the topic. We enjoyed learning about the human body and we know lots of interesting facts about it now.

Cooking with Eleanor  – Friday 7th February

We really enjoyed our cooking session with Eleanor this morning. We learned how to make scrambled egg with toast in the microwave. We talked about the importance of having an adult to help us to cook at home. We really enjoyed tasting the scrambled egg on toast and it was delicious with some onion added in too. Some of us had never tried scrambled egg on toast before and we really liked it. Thank you Eleanor.

Buddy Reading 

We had great fun one morning when we did buddy reading with Junior and Senior Infants. We were paired together with an infant and we had to choose a book together to read. We read the book together and then we chose another book. It was fun reading books with the Infants. They were very interested in listening to the stories and looking at the pictures. We enjoyed the buddy reading session and hope to do it again soon.

Science Experiment – Sound

We had great fun in January learning about sound. We learned about how sound travels around us and how we hear different sounds. We learned about the different parts of the ear, echolocation, sign language and the telephone. We experimented with paper cups and string to make telephones. It was great fun. Take a  look at our photos. wpid-20140122_143533.jpg

Christmas Design – Monday 16th December

We had great fun in class today. As part of our English today, we had to think, design and then write about a new vehicle for Santa. We came with lots of weird and wonderful creations. We wonder would Santa let us come to the North Pole and help him design his new vehicle with the elves?

Symmetry Paintings – Friday 22nd November

Maths and Art come together!

Our class really enjoyed learning about symmetry in Maths. We discovered that symmetrical is when one half of an object is the mirror image of the other half.  In maths we learnt that some shapes can have lots of different lines of symmetry. It was a really fun topic to learn about in Maths.

Take a look at us creating symmetry paintings. We folded a sheet of paper in half and then painted on one side. We folded over the blank side of the page and pressed down on it gently and rubbed it. The results were amazing. Some of enjoyed it so much we made a second painting. Also we were learnt about mixing colours. We experimented with the primary colours; red, yellow and blue and made secondary colours; purple, orange, green. This was great fun and we didn’t make too much of a mess.

Take a look at us in action!

Tag Rugby – Every Wednesday 

Our class participate in tag rugby classes every Wednesday. Our coach Larry comes and teaches us new skills and we really enjoy playing tag rugby. We are all really good team players and help and look out for each other. Take a look as us in action.

Cooking with Eleanor 

We have been very busy  over the last couple of weeks baking with Eleanor. We have made Fairy Queen cakes, cookies and Christmas Tree cakes. We are having lots of fun cooking and learning lots of new skills. Ms. Bryan is making a cookbook with us in English. We write out the recipes and decorate them and stick them into our cooking scrapbook. This is a project that we will be working on over the year; we can’t wait to bring it home and get baking with our Mums, Dads and parents. Be prepared!

Wax Resist Paintings  –  8th November 

Today we did a special type of art, we made  wax resist paintings. To create our paintings we used a wax candle and paper. We wrote or drew something on the page using the candle. We then used water colour paints to paint over the page. We discovered that when we painted over the wax it did not absorb the paint but instead went over it. After the paint dried, it left what we had written or drew using the wax on the page.


We also experimented using using colour wax crayons to draw pictures and then painted over them using the paint. Some of the effects are really cool. Take a look at us in action. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Cooking with Eleanor – Thursday 7th November 2013 


Today we had a visitor who came in to cook with us. Eleanor made Mars bar squares.


To make the Mars bar squares we were divided up into two groups.  We discovered that we did not have to use a oven to make them; we used a microwave oven instead. We counted out digestive biscuits, put them into a bag and broke them up using a rolling pin. This was great fun. Then we melted Mars bars in the microwave and we added the broken biscuits to the mixture. We then stirred the mixture until all the biscuits were covered in melted Mars bar. We poured the mixture into a baking tin to set.  We integrated our numeracy and literacy skills while cooking to count the biscuits and weigh out the butter and Mars bars. We also counted in Irish while we waited for the Mars bar to melt in the microwave. We put the mixture into the fridge to set for about two hours. Waiting was very difficult.

The best part about baking was getting to eat our Mars bar squares. They were so yummy.

We would like to thank Eleanor for coming into cook with us and we look forward to her coming back again soon!