We are a four teacher school with three mainstream teachers and one learning support teacher. We have a part-time secretary and cleaner.

Principal: Susan Carpenter                                                                                                                                   Deputy Principal: Andrea McAssey

Acting Principal: Andrea McAssey
Acting Deputy Principal: Samantha Ansell
Assistant Principal II: Samantha Shorten

Junior and Senior Infants: Andrea McAssey
First, Second and Third Classes: Samantha Shorten
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes: Samantha Ansell
Learning Support: Michelle Hunter Garland                                                                                     Special Needs Assistant: Siobhan Connolly

School Secretary: Mildred Thackaberry                                                                                                         Cleaners: Murphy Facility Solutions

Teachers are always available by appointment to meet with parents. Should you have any query or concerns at any time, please feel free to make an appointment to come to talk with us.