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Stand Up for Primary Education


The INTO has launched a pre-budget campaign calling for greater investment in primary education. The ‘Stand up for primary education’ campaign is demanding improvements in class size, funding and supports for school leaders in next month’s budget.

Irish classes have an average of 25 pupils compared to an EU average of 21 per class. The campaign is looking for an immediate reduction in class size in Budget 2016 followed by further reductions to bring Irish classes to EU levels within 5 years.

State funding for school running costs at primary is 92c per pupil per day while second level schools get almost double (€1.77) for each student. This funding covers school running costs such as electricity bills, heating costs and water charges. Primary school classrooms must be opened, heated, cleaned and maintained for a month longer, but are expected to do this with just over half the funding.

Nearly two thirds of primary school principals teach full time as well as run a school. Teaching principals need one day per week with substitute cover free from teaching. This would greatly improve the management of schools and benefit children. A lifting of the ban on promotion would also help schools to deal with increased demands like special education, computing and literacy and numeracy.

Your support for this campaign is needed and would be greatly appreciated. It’s also easy to do.

  • Please send the postcards to local TDs to let them know that for you primary education is a priority.
  • Please go to and send the pre-prepared email to all local TDs.
  • Free text StandUp to 50050.
  • Between now and the budget in a month’s time, if you meet any TDs please let them know that for you primary education is a priority.

Thank you for your support.

School Calendar


Our new school calendar is available to purchase from the school office. It includes a page per month layout and an editable box for each day of the 2015-16 year.

Price per calendar is €10. Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be used for school funds.