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Rainbows is a dedicated free service for children and young people

Rainbows help those affected by loss because of bereavement, separation or divorce.

Rainbows supports children and young people in groups. There are groups for children and young people who have been affected by the death of a close family member and there are groups for children and young people whose family has changed because their parents have separated or divorced.

How is it done?

Rainbows is a 12 week programme usually delivered over a 12 week period generally during the school year when children and young people are available to attend.

Why we do it

Children like adults do experience grief and loss – it is often misunderstood and not recognised. Grief and loss not supported at a young age can become deep and unresolved in a young mind and heart and can affect future pathways to emotional and positive health and well-being.

Where is Rainbows available?

Rainbows in Tullow is organised and delivered by Tullow School Completion Programme.

How can I find out more?

Contact Denise on 059-9180010.


Harvest Service

All pupils and their families are invited to attend the annual Harvest Service in St. Columba’s Church, Tullow on Friday 3rd October at 8pm.  As some of our children will perform on the night, please let us know if your child will or will not attend as soon as possible. So far we have collected a tractor, combine harvester and sheaf of corn for the evening!