Monthly Archives: March 2014

Puppetry Lesson

The pupils in fourth, fifth and sixth classes participated in a puppetry lesson based on the performance of ‘War Horse’ they attended on their recent school tour. The Tony award winning puppetry company ‘Handspring’ which is based in South Africa created the puppets for the theatrical performance of ‘War Horse’. The puppetry company offer workshops to schools based on the performance. It was a wonderful experience for the pupils. They studied the movement of horses and learned how the actors perform and control the puppets of the horses in the performance. The pupils learned how to use props as puppets and the importance of team work. In small groups the pupils showcased a performance of a horse moving and reacting at the end of the session. The performances were terrific with lots of sound effects, expression and movement. It was a terrific lesson. Thank you to Melanie for the wonderful experience.


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School Tour

The pupils in fourth, fifth and sixth classes visited Dublin on their school tour. The pupils examined a huge variety of species from around the world in the Natural History Museum. They visited Trinity College to view the Book of Kells. The pupils also enjoyed a performance of ‘War Horse’ in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. The performance was based on the award winning children’s novel ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed reading the novel in class prior to the performance. It was a great opportunity to compare the theatrical performance to the novel. It was an enjoyable day out. Many thanks to all who helped out on the day.

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Tree Planting

The pupils gathered together this morning to celebrate the theme of biodiversity in our school. Over the previous months the pupils have been identifying the living creatures and the habitats in which they live on our school grounds. We have been very busy improving the biodiversity in our school. The Green School Committee along with the teachers and Mr. Caldbeck planted a cherry blossom tree. We are looking forward to watching the tree grow over the coming years. It is a wonderful symbol of our dedicated work.SAM_2354 SAM_2353 SAM_2348 SAM_2347 SAM_2345 SAM_2342 SAM_2341 SAM_2340.

Rugby Blitz

The pupils in fourth, fifth and sixth classes attended a Rugby Blitz in Tullow Rugby Club today. Thank you to Larry Canavan for the invitation to participate in the event. The pupils played games of tag rugby with other schools in the local area. An enjoyable day was had by all. Well done to the pupils on their terrific display of teamwork.  SAM_2360

Biodiversity Awareness Day

Today we celebrated biodiversity in our school. The green school committee organised an exciting day of activities to raise awareness of the biodiversity in our school. We had an action packed day which included a nature trail to discover the various habitats and creatures that are living in our school grounds. We also painted stones to decorate our school garden, created projects on creatures and made bird feeders and habitat models out of recycled materials. We were amazed that birds use their beaks to create their nests.It was a wonderful day. Have a look at our ‘Green School’ page to see us in action. Thank you to the committee for their wonderful work.


Bird box

We are very lucky to have a bird box and camera at the back of our school. The camera is on a live feed to the Junior and Senior Infant classroom. We hope some birds will make their nest in our bird box.

Thank you to Keith Good who installed and wired the bird box and camera.